Achieving Health Equity in Ontario

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Achieving Health Equity in Ontario, Chapter 13
POWER Health Equity Road Map


Arlene S. Bierman
Avram R. Shack
Ashley Johns
For the POWER Study


Important patterns emerged as we reviewed the findings across all of the POWER chapters. This final chapter describes these patterns and uses evidence from the POWER Study to identify opportunities to improve health equity in Ontario. A summary of the key findings from each of the POWER reports are also presented.

The POWER Study’s proposed Leading Set of Health Equity Indicators are presented and key opportunities for improving data capacity in the province are outlined. Finally, we provide the POWER Health Equity Road Map, a ten-step plan to support efforts to achieve health equity in the province. This road map emerged from the themes identified across the POWER Study chapters and from broad community consultation and dialogue. The time to move forward is now. What is needed is the will and commitment.