Burden of Illness

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Burden of Illness, Chapter 3


Arlene S. Bierman
Farah Ahmad
Jan Angus
Richard H. Glazier
Mandana Vahabi
Cynthia Damba
Janice Dusek
Susan K. Shiller
Yingzi Li
Stephanie Ross
Gabriel Shapiro
Douglas Manuel


This chapter provides a detailed analysis of the burden of illness (the overall health and well-being) of Ontarians, and how it varies depending on sex, socioeconomic status, and geographical area of residence.

Up-to-date reporting is provided on the prevalence of chronic conditions among Ontarians (both women and men), their current health and functional status, their risk factors for chronic diseases, the incidence of sexually-transmitted infections, and causes and patterns of mortality.

This chapter is divided into five sections
  • Overall population health and functional status
  • Chronic disease risk factors
  • Chronic conditions
  • Sexually-transmitted infections
  • Patterns and causes of mortality