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Depression Highlights Document
Depression, Chapter 5


Elizabeth Lin
Natalia Diaz-Granados
Donna E. Stewart
Anne E. Rhodes
Naira Yeritsyan
Ashley Johns
Minh Duong-Hua
Arlene S. Bierman


Depression is a major health concern for Canadian women that results in considerable disability and sometimes death. We report on how access to care and health outcomes differ by the gender, age, geography, and socioeconomic status of Ontarians with depression. Findings can be used to understand areas of care where disparities exist and to inform policies and programs that target gaps. They can also be used to guide efforts to reduce barriers to care including the accessibility, availability, and acceptability for depressed women and men.

We report on the following
  • Descriptive Measures (measures of need, treatment and cost)
  • Primary and Specialty Outpatient Care
  • Acute and Specialty Inpatient Care