POWER Report


The POWER Report provides policy makers, providers, advocates and consumers with findings on the health differences between men and women and between various groups of women. We reported differences associated with age, income, education, ethnicity, language, and where the person lives in the province.

Reports assessing indicators of health and health care are a way of measuring and monitoring the performance of health care systems and the health of populations. Reporting and monitoring is an important strategy for improving the quality and outcomes of health care. Where possible, POWER Study data were analyzed at the level of Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). Where data did not exist to support LHIN-level analysis, findings were reported at the provincial level.

The POWER Report is comprised of two volumes and a special report. Each volume contains chapters devoted to leading causes of women’s disability and mortality.

In addition to the full chapters of the POWER report, we have produced short highlights documents for each of our chapters (with the exception of the Introduction, Framework, and Concluding chapters). PDFs of the PowerPoint slides from our launch presentations are also available.