Older Women’s Health

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Older Women's Health Highlights Document
Special Report: Older Women's Health


Paula A. Rochon
Susan E. Bronskill
Andrea Gruneir
Barbara Liu
Ashley Johns
Amanda T. Lo
Arlene S. Bierman


Aging is an important women’s health issue. Canada’s aging population is presenting unique challenges to the health system on multiple fronts. Women comprise the majority of the older population and have different patterns of illness and health needs than men. Previous POWER Study chapters have focussed on all women and provided information on different age groups—this report adds value by providing an in depth look at older women.

In this report, we provide evidence on the access, quality, and outcomes of care for older women and men in Ontario, their health status, and how this varies by income and geography. In doing so, we identify multiple opportunities for improvement. Our findings can be used to inform priority setting, target interventions, and provide a baseline from which to monitor progress.

This report has the following sections
  • Burden of Illness
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Settings of Care for Older Adults